Flake System

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    AcryliCon® (Ireland) Industrial Flooring Flake System is a 2.5 – 3mm decorative floor system for light to medium industrial use. Suited to corridors, supermarkets, food factory changing rooms etc.

    The Acrylicon Flake System has been developed after customers required high abrasion resistance from their floors, without the other problems that usually accompany Industrial flooring systems.

    The Flake system offers fast installation times, fast cure times, outstanding abrasion resistance and high chemical resistance. It is ideally suited to areas of heavy pedestrian use or light industrial use.

    • Technical Data – Cured Product
    • Pedestrian Traffic 45mins depending on temp.
    • Full Cure 2 hours
    • Compressive Strength 69N/mm 2
    • Flexural Strength 30N/mm 2
    • Chemical Resistance See separate list