Veterinary Clinics

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    Veterinary Resin Flooring

    Keeping floors clean and hygienic has never been easier than with AcryliCon’s veterinary resin flooring solutions. AcryliCon’s unique formula repels bacteria from the walls and flooring while also being easy to clean; this makes it easier for you to keep your practice hygienic and sterile for your animal patients. Along with these properties, AcryliCon’s flooring systems reduce the likelihood of staining and odors clinging to the surface.

    To improve the health and safety of animal patients, customers, and staff, AcryliCon’s resin flooring repairs and installation provide a layer of protection through its slip-resistance qualities and crack prevention. The long-lasting and durable AcryliCon flooring means that repairs are unlikely; however, AcryliCon offers a ten-year warranty on the installation of resin flooring systems. The combination of outstanding properties and durability of AcryliCon’s resin flooring provides you with a solution that helps you with your everyday activities.

    When installing your AcryliCon flooring, a team of professionals will work with you to find a time that is best suited to your business for installation. AcryliCon recognizes that downtime of your practice not only means loss of revenue but also impacts the animals that you care for. For this reason, AcryliCon can install flooring with a two-hour curing time to minimize disruption.