AcryliCon MMA

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    AcryliCon MMA Versus Epoxy Flooring

    AcryliCon modified MMA systems are the perfect solution for environments where down-time must be kept to a minimum. Our systems have a full cure time of one hour opposed to Epoxy type flooring which can take up to 14 days to full cure. This is an obvious huge advantage when selecting a floor type, “Downtime” for any industry costs money as this obviously hinders production.

    Epoxy Floor coatings only give a mechanical bond, this can be seen from any sample of Epoxy type flooring, each coat is easily identified as bond lines can be seen from each individual coat. This gives a serious risk to delamination over a very short period of time. AcryliCon modified MMA give a chemical bond between each layer meaning it chemically fuses itself together significantly reducing the risk of delamination. With Epoxy only giving a mechanical bond future repairs are impossible to control.

    Epoxy Flooring can often be found to flake from floors over a very short period of time, this is due to the fact the product looses its plasticizers after a short period of time, AcryliCon modified MMA does not lose plasticizers meaning the floor lasts significantly longer.

    AcryliCon (Ireland) Industrial Flooring is enormously resistant to things like chemicals, detergents, oil, liquids etc. AcryliCon’s unique chemical bonding properties ensures that old and new AcryliCon coatings fuse together to create a new compact and monolithic surface, without risking delamination or the need to remove the old with all the attendant dust, noise and disruption associated with conventional systems.