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    Industries working where hygiene is critical.

    Acrylicon has been proved to be the easiest seamless floor to clean on the market and it continues to be for many years. Our oldest reference is now 28 years old, and is still easy to clean. Take a look at your industry and see some of the solutions that Acrylicon can overcome, and then ask us to prove it to you.

    • Longevity
    • Forklift Routes
    • Cleanability
    • Aesthetic
    • Combustion Risk
    • Flexibility to area change
    • Maintenance
    • Chemical Resistance – Oils/Hydraulic
    • Traffic Route Marking
    • Concrete Erosion
    • Heavy Loads/Impacts
    • Substrate Protection
    • Spiked Drug Recovery
    • Smell
    • Down Time
    • UV Resistance

    Working with the likes of Glaxosmithkline, Bespak and other large companies has taught us a lot about this industry, and how we are uniquely able to deal with the problems that conventional flooring holds.