Resin Floorings

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    Resin Flooring provides Great Options for Industrial Flooring

    The best part of resinous flooring is undoubtedly the fact that it is simply a very cost-saving yet a very logical option to boost the looks of your flooring without much hassle. There are plenty of reasons why it has become so popular in recent times; first and foremost, resin floors are extremely resistant and durable in nature. Considering the current market scenario, where most companies are finding it hard to make ends meet and it is difficult to change the flooring, by using various resin flooring, floor coatings, epoxy floors, today people can easily expand the durability of their concrete flooring for a comparatively longer period of time. This is the ultimate option because this way, you won’t have to face expensive repairing.

    Well laid resin flooring has many sensible uses and it indeed improves the appearance of any type of workshop. Good quality resin Flooring Solutions can be used in industries including:

    Manufacturing & Production Industry – by means of creating a pleasant conditions, various industrial flooring actually represent a fantastic solution for ingredients like; Coal, oil, Petrochemical etc. Here, resins are scientifically formulated specifically for the end user to make the floors more tough and durable. Suitably adapted resin flooring are capable to stand up to tough of conditions besides resisting deterioration. Those of you searching for ideal flooring solutions will be happy to know that AcryliCon® (Ireland) Industrial Flooring is extremely resistant to chemicals, detergents, oil, liquids and other spillages. If refurbishments or repairs become necessary, AcryliCon®’s unique chemical bonding properties mean that old and new AcryliCon® coatings fuse together to create a new compact and monolithic surface.

    Pharmaceutical Food and Healthcare – these floors help to create a clean and shiny environment, extremely important for places like hospitals and other medic al places. Resin coated floorings are seamless and therefore, unlike conventionally tiled floors, don’t’ allow bacteria to get a way. An additional beneficial feature in resin flooring is its’ capability to resist cracking and scratch marks. Environmental Health Workers always look for these surfaces for hygiene reason.

    Domestic and Small Businesses– Epoxy floors are also helpful for various domestic or small business usages and the versatility offers strong resistant floor surface. Today’s advanced resin formulas mean you get the chance to build a design scheme of your choice.

    Unique– AcryliCon® (Ireland) Industrial Flooring- AcryliCon® can be found in an extensive range of colours to meet any flooring requirements. Now you can paint different floors with different colors and AcryliCon® has shown an intense resistance to aging and discolouration due to UV attack or from other natural substances. It ensures that the aesthetic qualities of the floor besides guaranteeing durability. The AcryliCon® surface can also be provided with a variety of slip-resistant textures to suit most commercial and personal environments.