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    AcryliCon are the WORLDS NUMBER ONE within this industry, developed in Norway to overcome the rigors of production, we have floors down in excess of 35 years which are still performing today as if they have just been installed. The fast cure time “Two Hours” minimizes production down time, the high compressive strength and seamless nature insure AcryliCon is the only option.

    Our AcryliCon Décor System is the solution for Fish Sales & Production, below is a summary why;

    Chemical Bond: Our product is unlike other resin floors in the market place. The system chemically bonds itself to the different components and indeed gives a chemical bond between the resin and the substrate. In effect this means that the product will not lift from the substrate for its lifetime. Epoxy Resins are chemically bonded to the substrate which means the flooring will lift.

    Non Toxic: The AcryliCon system is 100% non toxic and unlike other systems within the market place can certify to this. In fact the family of plastics to which the product is a member is used extensively within the medical field for hip replacements and false teeth.

    Cleanabilty: Our system has the highest compression strength on the market; in simple terms this means dirt cannot infiltrate the system, which means the system is aesthetically pleasing over the lifetime of the system

    Full curing Time: The floor is fully cured in two hours; this means works can literally be carried out, two hour after installation. This is obviously a fantastic positive as downtime is kept to a minimum. Epoxy floor coverings can take up to seven days for full cure.

    Longevity: The system is made to last, we have some references down in excess of 30 years (See specification Sheet)

    Recent clients include

    Rockabill Shellfish, Balbriggan, County Dublin

    Kerry Fish, Cahirciveen, County Kerry

    Daly’s Fish, Caherciveen, County Kerry