Decor System

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    AcryliCon’s® Ireland – Decor System

    Acrylicon Decor System is an Industrial floor coatings material with unique properties. Used in the Food industry, chemical and drugs industry, warehouses with heavy fork traffic etc.

    The Decor System has very high compressive strength, very high bending and tensile strength and a very high resistance to ageing. Due to the Chemical properties of the Acrylicon resins, each layer (primer, body coat and seal coating) chemically bond together rather than mechanically. This leaves no chance of delamination between layers, or from the concrete.

    • Full cure within 2 hours
    • 77 – 89N/mm2 Compressive Strength
    • Completely pore free
    • Non toxic
    • Fully repairable
    • No loss of Plasicisers
    • Full range of slip resistant finishes available
    • These properties make it ideal for any industrial floors where hygiene and cleanability are paramount.Technical Data –
    • Cured Product
    • Pedestrian traffic 1 hour
    • Full Cure 2 hours
    • Compressive Strength 77 – 89N/mm2
    • Flexural Strength 30.4N/mm2
    • Chemical Resistance See separate list Décor